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​Geo C.

Barcelona S.C. Ecuador

​I LOVE the My Soccer Training App! After using it for less than a month my first touch has improved tremendously, and as a Goalkeeper this is SO important!

​I used to hesitate and get anxious when the ball would be passed back to me and second guess myself. These things have literally disappeared after training with the My Soccer Training App!

​Taylor T.

​ECNL Player

I knew that I had to work hard on my individual skills, but honestly I didn't know WHAT to work on. There is so much conflicting advice on YouTube, Instagram etc I just didn't know who to believe! 

I FINALLY found the solution with the My Soccer Training App, and after only two weeks of working hard, I had a College Showcase, scored a bunch of goals and was invited on a visit to my dream D1 school!

​Mia H.

Development Academy Player

​I knew of Beast Mode Soccer through Instagram and had seen David at a coaches convention. When I heard they were bringing out an App I HAD to be involved in the test group. 

​I have always wanted to be 'that' midfield maestro and run the game. The MST App has enabled me to not only set up sessions that are specific for MY goals, but also give me the confidence in games to bring out the skills I have learned! It's a YES from me for MST!

​Rafa A.

​Travel Club Player

​Riding the bench had destroyed my confidence. I finally decided to take ownership of what was happening and together with the My Soccer Training App formulated a plan to become a better player. I had always been that 'tall, strong, athletic player, but it didn't like it, I wanted to be that 'technical, confident player'!

​After only three weeks of using the MST App, I am on my way to being that player!

My coaches and teammates are all shocked at my level of improvement in such little time!

​What You Will Find Inside My Soccer Training

WAY More Than an App!

Yes, My Soccer Training is an App! It is web based, and mobile based. Meaning you can transition seamlessly from your mobile device to your desktop device.

​Personalized Sessions
With over 35 FULL individual training sessions (and more being added each month) covering Footwork, Passing, Finishing, First Touch and Dribbling the focus is on YOUR development!

Personal Accountability Made Easy
The My Soccer Training App has a built in calendar so that you are in control of what you work on!
It's completely different from other cookie cutter soccer apps and programs who treat every player the same.

​You Are Who You Surround Yourself With
You will also improve your game and motivate yourself by joining My Soccer Training community of like-minded soccer players. You can help each other and make friends with other soccer players from all over the world!

Straight from the Private Session List that has PROVEN time and time again to turn ‘normal’ soccer players into Elite game changers…

and how hundreds upon hundreds of players JUST LIKE YOU are using this same system so they can FINALLY become the player that they deserve to be!

There’s a reason why Rachel Daly calls David Copeland-Smith her “Secret Weapon in Soccer”

David Copeland-Smith has helped 1000’s of players all over the world, from youth players just starting out to numerous World Cup Winners.

And there’s a reason why we call him the World’s #1 Technical Trainer!

But more about that later…

Do you want to gain the MASSIVE ADVANTAGE on and off the soccer field?​ Do you want to become more confident in your abilities? To be able to crush your goals and become THE game changer on your team?

Whether you are a new player looking to make your first club team or are a seasoned veteran who wants to sharpen up a particular part of your game… the Sessions and content in My Soccer Training will take you to the next level and show you EXACTLY how to Own Your Development!

​What Do Top Level Professional Players Think About My Soccer Training?

My off-season was taken to the next level with My Soccer Training. It took me less than five minutes to set up an entire months worth of sessions! 

Brooke Elby

​Chicago Red Stars, NWSL

Former UNC National Champion

When David showed me My Soccer Training I knew it was an absolute game-changer for players who want to take their game to the next level

Zurdo Morales

Pumas, LigaMX

Former Mexican National Team

MST has taken all of the amazing drills in our Beast Mode Soccer sessions and made them available to everyone. This is exactly the same extra work I put in!

Rachel Daly

Houston Dash, NWSL

England National Team



​1. ​Personalization

​All of the sessions and drills in My Soccer Training are written by David Copeland-Smith. He knows the exact code to make players like you reach your potential.
With over 35 sessions (and more being added each month) covering Footwork, Passing, Finishing, First Touch and Dribbling. 
Each session is broken down into a warm up, juggling, footwork and then drills for that sessions topic!

​2. Accountability

​The My Soccer Training App has a built in calendar so that you are in control of what you work on!
It's completely different from other cookie cutter soccer apps and programs who treat every player the same.
The sessions are done for you, but YOU are in control of when you do them. We will show you exactly how to Own Your Development. What's more, with the built in gamification, you will earn points and trophies, who knows, maybe we will see you on the leader-board!

​3. Community

​You will also improve your game and motivate yourself by joining the community of like-minded athletes. You can help each other and make friends with other soccer players from all over the world!
With the social media element of the App you can make friends with other soccer players, help each other along, compete with each other on our leader-boards, even upload pictures of yourself training!
You will also get DIRECT access to Coach David and his team INSIDE the app with instant messaging! We are here to help you succeed!



​Beast Mode Soccer University contains an INSANE amount of content including:
1v1 Moves: Pick the moves that will make you an impact player! Over 60 to choose from so you KNOW you will find the perfect fit
Pro Player Technical Breakdowns: Learn EXACTLY what makes the best players in the world special. Our Technical Breakdown team will show you the things that most miss about these world class players, and how you can put those things in to YOUR game!
Tactical Breakdowns: Know your roles and responsibilities in all of the major formations used by teams! When your coach moves your position, you will already know what to do!

​It's the Secrets Discovered by the #1 Technical Trainer in the World... It's My Soccer Training!

Lexi K.

Development Academy Player

​My biggest problem was always confidence. I would dominate and work hard at team training, but it wound not translate in real games.

​I worked hard on my own, but I was just getting random drills from YouTube, so they didn't really translate into what I needed to work on.

​When I saw My Soccer Training, I thought I would give it a shot but honestly I was blown away! 

​Every session is a full session, and I can pick what I want to do, it feels SO PERSONALIZED! 

​After 6 weeks I am so happy to report that I am absolutely bossing  the midfield around, and I have never been so confident! THANK YOU MST!

​Scott M.

​Went from JV to Varsity

​I was on JV last year, and the Varsity coach told me to expect the same, that I just wasn't at that level yet.

​He has always been hard on me, and made me feel like I wasn't good enough, and it definitely affected my confidence. 

​I had used the Beast Mode Soccer programs before and got good results, so when I saw that they were behind the My Soccer Training App, I knew it would be great.

​Fast forward 8 weeks of planning out what sessions I was going to do and actually DOING the sessions each day... My coach said this 'I don't know what you have been doing, but it worked, welcome to Varsity!'

​I am so stoked, MST has taught me that when I am organized and put the effort in, I can achieve anything!

​What is My Soccer Training?

​My Soccer Training is…

David Copeland-Smith’s world class individual development sessions that have been replicated into an app… and quite honestly, it DWARFS all other training programs out there.

Rather than 1 session with David, My Soccer Training is MEMBERSHIP jam packed with sessions and content delivered by a PROVEN trainer with PROVEN results and a PROVEN system.

Using David’s methods, you’ll no longer have to spend hours and hours searching the internet for drills that may, or may not help your game!

In My Soccer Training, David is going to show you the EXACT framework and sessions that has helped players from all levels (and we mean ALL levels, from Rec soccer right through to Pro players) crush their goals and become the confident, dominating player that leads their team on the field!

Whether you are a beginner or not, My Soccer Training will show you exactly what to do to turbo charge your technical development by practicing on your own, and then how you can take these new found skills and confidence and dominate your games!

Isn’t it time that you became the game changer that you have always dreamed of and the soccer player that you KNOW you deserve to be?

No matter if you currently play Rec, Competitive Club, ECNL, Development Academy, High School, College or Pro, or even a complete beginner that doesn’t know where to start… My Soccer Training is the PERFECT program for you!

That’s because My Soccer Training shows you how REAL soccer players with REAL success are practicing on their own and are having phenomenal results.

Remember the four elements of My Soccer Training that we discussed earlier?

1.  World Class Sessions
2.  Built in Calendar
3.  Community
4.  Beast Mode Soccer University

Your success in soccer all boils down to committing to those four elements. It’s SIMPLE… but it isn’t easy.

But imagine if it was easy. If you had the right mentors pulling back the curtains on how their players succeed so that you could cut the learning curve and start off with the right blueprint!

Now imagine you are training the RIGHT THINGS FOR YOU every day and SMASHING YOUR GOALS.

If you were able to create this amazing work ethic and become an all round player with an impeccable first touch, dazzling feet, dominant in your 1v1’s, would you be able to achieve your dreams?

"...but what if I suck at soccer right now?”

Let me ask you this.

If you have an incredible work ethic, you are organized, you surround yourself with like minded players who are driving you on to success, can you see that you are already on your way to becoming an elite soccer player?

My Soccer Training will pull back the curtains on the secrets of the framework of David who has helped develop some of the best soccer players in the world!l How exciting is that?

My Soccer Training is the UNSTOPPABLE weapon in your back pocket that will give you the Overwhelming Advantage you've been looking for!

​Here Are Just a FEW of the Amazing Things You're Getting Access to Inside My Soccer Training:

  • 35 'Done For You' Sessions written by My Soccer Training and Beast Mode Soccer founder, David Copeland-Smith. Don’t know what to train or what to work on? Don’t worry, this feature was made for players like you! ​We want you to  jump start your journey to becoming the best player that you can be. These 35 pre-planned sessions were created so that players like you could complete AMAZING sessions using an easy to follow and understand guide. Each session consists of a warm up, some juggling and then drills that are geared to that theme (first touch, passing, shooting & finishing etc). My Soccer Training has been built to be completely personalized to YOU and YOUR training. Think of our sessions as the ‘Netflix’ of soccer training!
  • Real Life 'Train Like a Pro'. Ever wonder what kind of drills and sessions professional players like Alex Morgan, Allie Long, and Cyrus Christie do? Well, look no further! With My Soccer Training, not only do you get an exclusive, inside look at the drills and sessions that Coach David does with his pro players, but you are GIVEN those exact same drills and sessions to do yourself! When we say train like a pro, we mean it! Within the videos you can see pro players like Rachel Daly, Brooke Elby, Johnny Markey and Kristie Mewis show you exactly how to perform the drills, this way you know EXACTLY what you are doing!
  • Beast Mode Soccer University. When you are a part of  Beast Mode Soccer University, you are like a student that is given all of the tools needed to succeed in school! As a member of this exclusive group, you are given technical breakdowns of pro players, tactical breakdowns, 1v1 moves, and so much more! Trust us when we say this, you won’t mind doing this type of homework! We will also be adding pro player interviews so you can get an insight into WHAT drives these player to be the best, and then you can replicate it!
  • Rock Solid Community. “You are who you surround yourself with.” This quote could not be truer with this group! With My Soccer Training, you are surrounded by players that all have BIG goals just like you! You have the constant support of players that are all trying to make themselves better and all working their way to greatness! You will also get advice from pro players, and David Copeland-Smith himself!
  • Web, iOS & Android Apps. Don’t ever stress about not having access to your favorite training sessions and drills EVER again! With My Soccer Training having downloadable apps that can be used on multiple devices, you can access all of your soccer needs through the touch of a button and through a click of the mouse on your phone, tablet, and even computer! Whether you’re at a family members house or at the field, My Soccer Training will be there for you!
  • ​New Sessions Each Month. With My Soccer Training, you don’t ever have to worry about seeing the same material over and over again. As a member, you enjoy the benefit of receiving new and NEVER BEFORE SEEN sessions every single month! These sessions are exclusive to members only and will feature some of the best sessions and drills that Beast Mode Soccer has ever produced! You can even REQUEST sessions!
  • ​Session of the Week. Excited about training this week, but don’t know where to start? This feature is perfect for you! Don’t stress about picking the perfect session all the time and enjoy a hand picked session from Beast Mode Soccer founder, David Copeland Smith, EVERY week! These sessions are specifically chosen  and will be sure to set your training for the week off on the right foot! You will get an email from David, explaining the sessions and WHY it will help you as a player!
  • AND WAY MORE! My Soccer Training has been created to be a 'growing' app. We have HUGE plans for the future with My Soccer Training and cannot wait to see you aboard for the journey into making you an elite soccer player!


My Soccer Training is priced as an Extremely Affordable, yet top-tier membership program. Remember that ONE session in person with David cost $250… My Soccer Training is an app based membership rendition of training with David and will deliver significantly more value to you in an app based community of like minded people.

This is a promotional event for My Soccer Training, with a limited time promotional price, which will end shortly:

​We so strongly believe that My Soccer Training will give you the Overwhelming Advantage on the field that you are looking for, that we have made it incredibly easy to cancel your membership from within the App.

But let us say this: We guarantee you that the My Soccer Training will give you an almost unfair advantage on the field. We guarantee you that this program will shave years off your development curve. We guarantee that My Soccer Training will help you Reach Your Goals much faster than normal. We stand behind this program 100% and the results back this up. This is why we can make this bold refund guarantee. All you have to do is follow the four element to success, work hard and COMMIT to My Soccer Training.

What Some of Our Other My Soccer Training and Beast Mode Soccer Players Had to Say...

Olivia- Development Academy Player

​Danel- Club Player

​Emilie- ECNL Player

Let's Be Honest

You’ve seen my Instagram and YouTube videos and you might think that all the information you need is right there, I don’t blame you for thinking that way; we try to provide you with the absolute best information in regards to soccer training drills and sessions.  However, there is only so much that I can include in those videos. What does that mean?


​My Soccer Training is a complete training system. It is the same plan that I use with my top professional players and  have adapted it to make sure that everyone who uses it is able to transform their soccer skills, no matter your current age or skill level.
Every drill and session is laid out for you from the first day. My Soccer Training is simple to use and to follow… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging – trust me, you’re going to be working! It won’t be easy, but then again, nothing worth having ever comes easy (and you know that). Don’t worry though, I’ll be there with you every step of the way, and I’m not going to let you fail.
Now, it’s time to take the first step on your journey to looking, feeling and moving like an elite soccer player.

-Coach David

​Brian P.

​Father of Hannah, 13

​My Soccer Training has allowed my daughter to become a highly technical, mentally composed, focused soccer player. She now plans out her sessions on her own, and is becoming self-reliant in her school work as well. My Soccer Training has provided her with a fundamental framework for success, I am excited to see how good she can become!

​Joe B.

​Father of Sam, 11

​I only knew of Beast Mode Soccer from social media, but I badgered David into letting my son Sam be a beta tester for the My Soccer Training. Sam and I have been blown away by the detail in the App. This isn’t just sessions, it’s WAY more. Sam picks what sessions he wants to do according to his goals, smashes them, and then starts again! That mixed with BMSU where he can LEARN more about the beautiful game, is a sure fire winner. Respect to David and his team for seeing the vision for My Soccer Training!

​Is My Soccer Training Right for Me?

  • ​Are you a soccer player who’s had some success and now you’re ready to become the best player that you can be and take it to the next level with cutting edge training sessions and REAL answers from REAL professionals?
  • ​Are you a player who is struggling to improve with your team… and you’re not quite sure why? You work hard, you train on your own but you are just NOT seeing results. Do you want answers to how to REALLY start?
  • ​Are you stuck in what we call a development DEAD ZONE? You know that you want to be an elite soccer player, you are prepared to work hard for it and become the ‘go to’ player that you have always dreamed of?
  • ​Are you a player who just KNOWS that you are made for more… but you’re not quite sure where to start or how to get started?
    Is there a team that you want to be on? Maybe you have tried out for that team and didn’t make it? Worse still, have you been cut from a team and you want to prove that the coach was wrong?
  • ​Are you a player that is fed up with crumbling on the field? Fed up with NOT BELIEVING IN YOURSELF? Fed up with being scared if the ball comes to you in a game? Are you scared of your coach yelling at you for making simple mistakes?

​If so, then My Soccer Training is a PERFECT fit for you!

No matter what level you currently play at, where you live in the world, how old or young you are, how you were raised, your technical skills, your confidence level or ANY other factors...

…My Soccer Training gives you a Massive Advantage by showing you the Framework of a POWERFUL and PROVEN system for individual soccer development - whether you are a rec player looking to make your first travel club team, or are currently a pro player wanting to make more of an impact!

Let's Take the My Soccer Training App
for a Test Drive!

​Press Play to see My Soccer Training in Action!

My Soccer Training is priced as an Extremely Affordable, yet top-tier membership program. Remember that ONE session in person with David cost $250… My Soccer Training is an app based membership rendition of training with David and will deliver significantly more value to you in an app based community of like minded people.

This is a promotional event for My Soccer Training, with a limited time promotional price, which will end shortly:

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