​Your players will become obsessed with their own development



​From the minute you fill out the 'Find out more' button below, you will get the help from our team to set up your club within the app. We can even help you with the launch and social media materials!


​Make your club THE destination club in your area by providing something that shows you TRULY care about your players development. The MST app will give your club that 'extra.'

​Admin Access

​You can track your players progress, see where they are on your exclusive leaderboard, and reward them by posting their picture to the in-built social media!


Each and every session, and every drill inside sessions are written by David Copeland-Smith, and used in his sessions every single day. They are PROVEN to develop players!

Players WANT to improve

The players in your club want to work on their own away from team practices. The problem... They are not quite sure WHAT to work on. They go on YouTube and search 'soccer training' and get a million different results back... Who do they listen to? Are the drills good? Are they specific for them?

The My Soccer Training App takes a PROVEN individual development system from Beast Mode Soccer, completely taking the guess work out of what your players need to do, while keeping the program individual to their needs!

Set YOUR club apart

​Having your club partner with My Soccer Training adds tremendous value to what you already offer your players. An ‘at-home’ individual training resource, co-branded with the your clubs logo can really make the difference when players and parents are evaluating programs in your area.

​Partner with us

​Individual development is a massively important 'cog in the wheel' when it comes to producing confident, technically proficient soccer players. The age old question is... How? Well My Soccer Training is the answer. No more giving out scraps of paper for homework, sending out random YouTube and Instagram drills! My Soccer Training has over 40 FULL sessions covering EVERYTHING your players need to develop. The best part? Each player can do different sessions, meaning that their development is TRULY INDIVIDUAL. On top of that, MST is a true learning portal with technical breakdowns, tactical breakdowns, pro player interviews and way more. Coupled with in-app social media (your clubs players will only see your clubs players), and leaderboards, the competitive cauldron will bring the best out in everyone!

Make your club stand apart from the opposition by offering your players a co-branded app, and watch their development explode!

​What your club gets

As soon as you hit that 'Find out more' button our staff are there to support you through the very simple process. We will show you step by step how to get your club on the most complete training app on the planet. We will even supply social media templates and help you build buzz when you launch the app to your players!



You can check out exactly what every player in your club is doing with your own Admin portal. Check out the leaderboards, add players to the app, you can even check out the latest sessions yourself!

​Your club/team will get COMPLETE access to everything inside the app. Whenever we update it with new sessions, YOUR team gets those sessions. 

One of the best things about the app is that our team is constantly updating it with the latest and greatest sessions. When David is flying around the country training National Team players, YOUR players will see those full sessions inside the app!



​The My Soccer Training is a pathway to excellence for players. It follows the same formula that we utilize with our players at Beast Mode Soccer that has proven time and time again to develop confident, technical and tactically aware soccer players, and more importantly, self-reilant human beings who know the value of work ethic! As we say:

Champions Do More.

​Team and Club Options


  • ​Monthly or Yearly Billing
  • ​Access to ALL sessions
  • ​NEW sessions each month
  • Track your teams stats
  • Team ​leader-board
  • ​Access to BMSU
  • ​Full social media access- JUST your players!
  • ​Dynamic calendar access
  • ​Admin Access

The power of Beast Mode Soccer at your players fingertips.

Immerse your teams and club in our training experience in their home or on the field from their phone, tablet, or web browser.

Meet your soccer goals on your terms

Build a training schedule that fits around your team activities. YOUR GOALS mean no more cookie cutter drills, it means you filtering through our sessions and picking the EXACT ones that will help you DOMINATE your goals on and off the field​. Track your progress with milestones and streaks and get reminders.​

Here's what ​clubs are saying about the

My Soccer Training app

​Juan M, TFA​


​I had tried various apps for my team. They were ok, but my problem was that I have players of different abilities and who needed to work on different things. One of the parents actually asked me to check out MST and wow! Each player now has their own individual plan, which I can monitor. My favorite parts are the leader board and social media. The leader board has absolutely turned on the competitiveness in our team!

​Rocco S, LASA

​So easy for me

​The MST app has made it EASY for me to make sure our club players KNOW exactly what to work on when they are away from their teams. As a club we want LASA to be at the forefront of development and MST allows to blaze the trail!