​The My Soccer Training App Story

​Our company and mission

​How it all started

​In 2011, David Copeland-Smith brought together all of his best exercises together to accomplish an ambitious goal: bring the community and excitement of individual soccer development to everyone, so he created Beast Mode Soccer. In 2013, the idea struck him that to get influence as many players as possible he had to go digital, so started to create online soccer programs. In 2015 after years of work, he made it his mission to create the best individual training App in the world. Fast forward to 2019, after years of hard work, filming, editing and App development he released the ‘My Soccer Training App.’ We have made it our mission to bring immersive and challenging individual soccer development training into payers lives in a more accessible, affordable and efficient way. 


My Soccer Training uses technology and design to connect players through soccer, empowering them to be the best version of themselves, and to ‘Own Your Development,’ anywhere, anytime.






​The My Soccer Training App is for EVERY player

​A new concept in soccer development

​We use a combination of technology, content and the worlds best soccer trainers to empower our community. Our ever-growing library of FULL training sessions are designed for the player to completely own their development, track their progress and make HUGE gains in their impact on the field. You can reach your soccer goals, on your time, we have given you a complete map. 

​The Beast Mode Soccer Difference

​​Thousands of players use My Soccer Training to connect, bond, inspire, develop and take their game to the next level together. Through our immersive app with proven, full sessions, the exact same sessions we do with our pro players, Leaderboards, social media, learning more about the game through our Beast Mode Soccer University, we have created an opportunity for players to become the absolute best version of themselves, become self-reliant and as we say ‘Own Your Development.’ We are excited to see you make a massive impact on the field.

Have the full power of world class individual training from Beast Mode Soccer in the palm of your hands with the My Soccer Training App.

It's YOUR time to SHINE.

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