June 18

Don’t Be The Victim



Like everyone, winning makes me really happy 🙂

I am also an extremely competitive person.

Honestly, I received my first yellow card for screaming at a ref over a call that he had made… I was only 8…

Pretty funny, but embarrassing I know.

Also, it is a fact that NOBODY wanted to be around me after a loss.

​It got so bad, that when I was in high school, it took me about 2 weeks to speak to my teammates again after we lost in the finals of a tournament…

​And you know what? I still hate losing…

… But I learned more through losing than I did through winning.

You may think, What? How?

​Well, when you lose, you start to realize that you need to improve and get better. You start to realize that there are missing pieces to your game. Your mistakes are exposed… you can’t hide them.

​Typically, people do 1 thing or another.

1. People work on getting better so they don’t have to taste that horrible taste of losing again

2. Shut down, give up, and play the victim.

​The purpose of this email is to explain and show you that losing a game can actually BENEFIT you… depending on your actions afterwards.

​If you lose a tough game or scrimmage soon, analyze your game and see what’s missing so you can start to train your weaknesses. Don’t play the victim. Take responsibility and get better.

Simple right?


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