June 14

I used to be nervous when my teammates passed me the ball



​Have you ever hidden during a game because you didn’t want to be passed to?

​Have you ever had a bad touch that led to the other team getting the ball?

Are you worried about making a mistake when you are passed to?

​If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you sound like one my players, Taylor, before she started training with The My Soccer Training App.

​Taylor used to constantly question herself and her touch. She lacked confidence and was constantly panicky when she had the ball!

Taylor sent me this email in April.

“Coach David, I get so scared when I get passed the ball. I don’t know if I’m going to have a good touch or if I’m going to have a bad touch and lose the ball. I had such a bad touch this weekend during one of my games and the other team got the ball and SCORED! Please help!”

​I knew exactly what Taylor needed. She needed confidence in herself and her touch!

Taylor needed a program that would help her gain the ULTIMATE CONTROL of her first touch and beyond!

So that is exactly what I told her. I told Taylor that she NEEDED The My Soccer Training App.

​Fast forward a few weeks and she was a completely different player!

​She could rip the ball out of the air, no matter how high or hard it was coming at her!

Taylor’s confidence skyrocketed and she was no longer worried when the ball was coming at her!

“I used to be nervous when my teammates passed to me, but now I am totally confident in myself and my touch! I KNOW I am going to have a good touch!”

Having a great touch IS A MUST for each and every soccer player. No player should be nervous to get the ball!

Having an impeccable touch truly separates the good from the great, and The My Soccer Training App shows you EXACTLY how to achieve a great touch!

Make the decision to be confident and great like Taylor did and download the program here:

My Soccer Training


​See you in the program,

​​Your soccer trainer,

Coach David

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