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How do you become a truly elite player?



​How do you become a truly elite player? We asked Beast Mode Soccer founder ​David Copeland Smith and this is what he said:

Become obsessed with football. This doesn’t mean going outside and training for 10 hours a day, this means living a true soccer lifestyle.
You have to become a real student of the game. I’m not just talking about watching it, or having a favorite player…. it’s more than that. If you are on twitter you will see Rachel Daly or Allie Long put ‘studying’ as their status… guess what they’re doing? Watching a game yes… but they are ANALYZING the game. They are studying the tactics, how the player that is in their position plays, how the other players around them play. They’re making notes of amazing things that Messi, Hazard or Laca pulled on the field so that they can try to emulate it in training, will it work for them? It’s about ADDING to your game.

Three things I hear A LOT are:
1.’I don’t have time.’
These are the same kids that I see posting on social about Fortnite or whatever video game is hot at the moment… Listen, I’m not here to trash video games, but you need to DELETE your bad habits… What’s a bad habit? A bad habit is one that you are not achieving anything worthwhile when doing it. Video games are cool… BUT, maybe cut that time you put into them by 75% and spend that time outside working on your game. You will be surprised how much more confident you become on the field with a little extra time spent training by yourself
2.’I don’t have all the equipment that I see on those social media posts.’
Ill admit those videos are cool! They are really entertaining, BUT thats all they are! Entertainment! You go to any professional environment and you will soon figure out that you do not need $10,000 worth of training equipment to train… ESPECIALLY if it’s just you, or you and some buddies. You literally just need a plan, a ball, and some cones would help but even old socks will suffice. Don’t buy into the ‘top binzzzzzzz’ mentality. One of those 60 second videos takes at least four hours to film… why? Because nobody hits those highlight reel top corner shots while jumping over tractor tires and doing a somersault through a burning hoop to execute a perfect bike into the TOP BINZZZZZZZZ. Just focus on what YOU need to work on, filter out the noise, all you need is you and a ball.
3.’I don’t have the money for extra training.’
Some players genuinely do not have anything extra. We provide a huge amount of quality free content, just go to beastmodesoccer.com/toolkit/ to take a look… BUT… If you have an iPhone, are wearing the latest cleats every month etc then it’s just about priorities. If you drink an $8 Starbucks everyday but don’t want to invest in yourself and your development, then do you really want to become an elite player? Our app is priced ridiculously low at $19.99 a month, are you prepared to skip 3 starbucks a month to invest in yourself? Those who are already have and are getting ahead. Ask yourself what kind of player you could be if you changed your spending habits slightly and invested in YOURSELF?
So all in all, the key to becoming a truly elite soccer player is to become OBSESSED with YOUR soccer! The ideal first step is the My Soccer Training App, which you can check out here:


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